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Traveller: Out of the Birdcage

Azanaki the Tenkuren is bored. He hates his everyday life, and dreams of the world outside. Along with his friends Moko & Lei, he flees his country, the idyllic but oppressive Tenku Isles. He is pursued by the relentless Birdcatcher, who will stop at nothing to drag Azanaki back to the life he wants nothing to do with. Join Azanaki as he leaves behind all he has ever known, and begins the journey of a lifetime!

Traveller is a fantasy adventure comic by brothers Paul and Jesse Brown, who want to share their passion for creative, fun stories with people of all ages. Traveller comics can be read in any order, as each tells a self-contained chapter in Azanaki’s ongoing journey through the world of Ikth.

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The Saviour

A young commander, cut off from the bulk of his army and pursued by a murderous enemy, must make a difficult choice: abandon his wounded soldiers and attempt to escape, or risk a likely death fighting alongside them and hope that reinforcements arrive in time.


All art provided by Paul Brown unless otherwise noted