Ikth Fantasy is an independent multimedia franchise many years in the making, created by brothers Paul & Jesse Brown.  It is a series of stories taking place across centuries in the fictional world of Ikth.  The stories intersect with one-another to create a rich and constantly growing universe you can lose yourself in.

We hope you'll find something to love. Welcome to our world.

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The Saviour

A young commander, cut off from the bulk of his army and pursued by a murderous enemy, must make a difficult choice: abandon his wounded soldiers and attempt to escape, or risk a likely death fighting alongside them and hope that reinforcements arrive in time.

The Saviour is our first comic, available in Digital and Print.



A traveller from a long-isolated country leaves his home to find adventure, but his naive and trusting nature soon gets him tangled up in dubious activities far outside his comfort zone.

Traveller is our current comic project, with an estimated release date of late 2018.



All art provided by Paul Brown unless otherwise noted